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1000 Gallon Tank Information

1000 Gallon Tanks have many usages as well.  We set 1000 gallon tanks for industrial and commercial customers.  We set 1000 gallon tanks for residential customers that have a very large home that is highly above average on its usage.  We also can install a 1000 gallon tank for large restaurants that have an above average usage.  In some cases we can install multiple tanks that can be piped together for high volume use.  A 1000 gallon tank can be installed aboveground or underground. 

Features of a 1000 Gallon Tank


·         A 1000 Gallon Tank holds 800 gallons when full, full is approximately 80% (weather permitting).

·         Excellent tank for home owners that have large homes with a higher than average usage.

·         Available for temporary installations

·         Install tanks according to the railroad commission codes and regulations.
·         For underground tanks, we include high potential magnesium anode for cathodic protection of the tank as well as sand backfill to protect the underground coating. 

·         Please contact us for pricing and information about installations.


1000 Gallon Tank Specifications

Dimensions 41 X 190 inches

Approximate Weight 1800 lbs

Hole Dimensions (for a 1000 Underground)

6' Deep • 4' Wide • 15' Long
We use anode and sand to pack the underground in.