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250 Gallon Tank Information

250 Gallon Tanks are primarily used as residential tanks for homes that have a normal usage and the larger amount of usage will be predominantly in the winter months.  A 250 gallon tank can be installed aboveground or underground.  

Features of a 250 Gallon Tank


·         Most common tank used for residences

·         A 250 Gallon Tank holds 200 gallons when full, full is approximately 80% (weather permitting).

·         Available for temporary installations

·         We install tanks according to the railroad commission codes and regulations. 
·         For underground tanks, we include high potential magnesium anode for cathodic protection of the tank as well as sand backfill to protect the underground coating. 
·         Please contact us for pricing and information about the installation.


250 Gallon Tank Specifications

Dimensions 30 X 92 inches

Approximate Weight 480 lbs

Hole Dimensions (for a 250 Underground)

4.3' Deep • 4' Wide • 7' Long
We use anode and sand to pack the underground in.