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LP Gas Propane Tanks

Direct Propane Services offers a wide variety of tank installations that will meet the needs of the customer.  There are several factors to consider when purchasing a propane tank and we are willing to discuss your propane needs with you.  We offer consultations on choosing the right size and the right location to place the tank.  If you have questions about purchasing a tank, please feel free to call our office today to speak with someone about purchasing a propane tank!


There are several factors to consider when selecting a tank for your home, business or project.  We can more accurately size the tank for you according to your needs.

We offer the option to buy or lease a propane tank, which includes the installation of the tank. We install above and underground tanks.

We offer a general guide about your propane tank for safety reasons.
We offer several tank sizes above and underground to serve your home, business or project needs.