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Our Propane

We sell premium grade HD-5 propane, which is consumer-grade propane.  HD-5 propane is the highest grade of propane sold to consumers and is what we deliver to a customer’s tank.  Propane is a product that can remain in your tank for long periods of time.  Therefore, propane does not ever go bad. 

We are dedicated to ensure that we have a sufficient supply of propane at all times to guarantee that there is a steady supply of propane to serve our market.  Therefore, we haul our propane by our own bulk transports from the refinery to our large bulk propane tanks, which is where our drivers fill their trucks for delivery to our customers.

HD-5 Propane Properties and Information

Propane Formula
Propane Boiling Point
Weight of 1 Gallon*
Specific Gravity of Propane Gas*
Specific Gravity of Liquid Propane*
BTU per Gallon of Gas*
BTU per Lb. of Gas
BTU per Cu Ft of Gas*
Latent Heat of Vaporization at Boiling Point BTU/Gal




4.24 Lbs









*at 60°F