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Important General Safety Information

Direct Propane Services is dedicated to ensuring that your propane is delivered to you as safe as possible.  However, as a propane user you must be aware of various safety procedures and understand the product so you know what steps to take when an issue arrives.  The following is just a few safety tips and for more information please visit Propane 101 to become more familiar with propane.

General Characteristics of Propane

There are many important characteristics of propane and general safety reminders that many users need to understand.

It is important to maintain your propane system, which includes your propane appliances.

It is important to understand the safety procedures when lighting your own appliances.

Dangers of propane
There can be many dangers associated with uncapped lines, propane overheating, and leaks at your tank.


If you are smelling gas

It is important to know the distinctive smell of propane and how to handle the situation if you are smelling propane.

The Railroad Commission of Texas requires all propane gas companies to perform a leak test before refilling any empty tank. Therefore, it is important to understand how to read you tank gauge to prevent having to pay your company to perform this service.


Important Propane Safety Links

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