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Community Propane Services

As living conditions become more condensed and natural gas is unavailable, the most convenient, dependable and economical option is a community propane system.  In a community propane system, the homes do not have their own individual tanks.  Instead, there is a large bulk tank that is installed either aboveground or underground.  Lines will be run underground to each individual lot.  Once the homes are built, meters are installed on the home.  Community propane systems can maintain multiple homes. 
Direct Propane Services will provide the developer and builder with a dependable company that will operate your community propane system.  As the operator of the subdivision, Direct Propane Services provides several services for developments of any size.  We are interested in working with you in the process of planning and installing your community propane system.  Our operations management service will provide services which includes the design, installation, billing management, testing and permitting.